Fostering Arts and Design (FAD) – www.fad.cat
Materfad, materials centre – www.materfad.com

Barcelona – Spain

The FAD is a private, independent and not-for-profit association that has the objective of promoting design and architecture in the country’s cultural, economic and social spheres. It is articulated through different associations that represent the various disciplines of design: ADI-FAD industrial design – ADG-FAD graphic design and visual communication – ARQUIN-FAD architecture and interior design – A-FAD art, handicrafts – MODA-FAD image and fashion. Founded in 1903, it has become the first centre of reference for design and architecture in Spain thanks to its constant work in promoting creative culture through exhibitions, professional talks, prizes and events. The FAD creates incentives to encourage the world of enterprise to incorporate design through numerous activities and projects.
Materfad, is one of them. The Barcelona Materials Centre results from the increasing role played by materials in the development of our society. Materfad’s objective is to give visibility to the agents producing innovative or singular materials and to efficiently guide designers in order to thus foster the transfer of knowledge.

Contact: Valérie Bergeron – vbergeron@fad.cat

Happy Materials (HM) – www.happymaterials.com

Prague – Czech Republic

HM was established in 2004 in Prague and its main aim is to explore and bring information about new materials to the Czech market. HM provides information about innovative materials through seminars, exhibitions and publishing vocational articles and books.
HM has organized seminars which are beneficial to many professionals and beginners/students from segments of the creative industry. Seminars give them the knowledge of the development in this area and increase their competitiveness on the work market. It also provides the connection between producers of the materials and artists.
HM owns a materials library (more than 1200 physical samples of materials), which has been transferred from matériO Paris in 2010, an independent information centre on materials and innovative products. This cooperation enables HM to have the latest information about new materials and to use the knowledge in educating creative industry members in the Czech Republic.

Contact: Lucie Havlová – lucie.havlova@happymaterials.com

Danish Design Centre (DDC) – www.ddc.dk

Copenhagen – Denmark

The Danish Design Centre is an independent, government-funded organization established in 1978.  DDC’s focus in relation to the design community and business sector is on collecting, communicating and testing knowledge about the main factors that influence design and how design can continue to be a driver for innovation and growth in the future. The DDC is working with these topics in close cooperation with designers, partners, sponsors, businesses and audiences both nationally and internationally. The aim is to strengthen society’s capacity through design and – in a contemporary way – to carry on, enhance and renew the Danish design tradition. The DDC’s mantra is “design that makes sense”, and its key knowledge areas are new materials, new technology, and big data.

Contact: Maria Hørmann – mho@ddc.dk

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